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Channel 17


A new program series on CHANNEL 17

Mondays @ 4:o0 pm

Thursdays @ 7:00 pm

A new topic every two weeks.   These programs will highlight the many ways our schools benefit its studens and our community.

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Reading Comprehension

Through a creative use of a Federal Stimulus grant, DY Regional School District has contracted with “The Keys to Literacy” to train all teachers in an integrated program in reading. The program focuses on Reading Comprehension, teaching children a method of learning that will carry them through their school careers.

The focus on comprehension is composed of three major elements: 1) learning to identify the basic ideas in a composition, 2 ) taking notes, and  3) developing summaries.

Dennis Yarmouth teachers in grades 4-6 were trained in  “dates ?” in this process. Teachers are expressing excitement in using the new learning approach.  In January teachers in grades 7-8 will also begin their training.  An advantage of this program is that all teachers use the same strategies and students build on them throughout their school career.  In the past, as frequently happens, each school or even each teacher,  had different  methods of teaching. Now as students move through the elementary and middle school levels, they will begin High School with well founded skills in reading comprehension.

There is also an economic advantage to this program. Included in the training program is a train the trainer element.  Future training will then be conducted by in-house trainers drawn from the ranks of the Regional teachers.

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