What is DYSOS ?

DYSOS stands for Dennis-Yarmouth Support Our Schools

In July 2009 a group of concerned citizens began meeting to discuss how we might provide factual and positive information about our Dennis-Yarmouth schools to the residents of our two communities.

Our foremost goal is to highlight and bring attention to the many ways our schools benefit their students and our overall community. We believe it is critical for the vitality of our towns to continue the bedrock commitment to education which has always defined Dennis and Yarmouth.

Our Dennis-Yarmouth Support Our Schools (DYSOS) group includes former and current educators as well as parents of children in the DY schools. Current Board members are: John Ameer, Jim and Ruth Driscoll , Joyce Flynn,  Lois Grebe, George Higginbottom, Dick McGarr, Phil O’Leary, Pat O’Riordan, Margarita Perez, Crystal Gips, Anne Quinn, Dick Sentner, Kristin Sulivan-stone, Nancy Waldron and Phil Wick.

We sponsor an one hour “Support Our Schools” on Channel 99 (formerly ch 17) which can be viewed on Mondays at 4:00 PM, Tuesdays at 10 PM  and Thursdays at 7:00 PM. Crystal Gips, is the host. To date, more than 70 programs have aired covering a range of  DY educational topics with various administrators and teachers.

Programs have also included parents, students, civic leaders and policy makers.  We have had positive feedback about the quality and depth of these discussions.  For a current schedule of programs and a listing of past shows go to heading Channel 99 in this blog.

A number of past shows are now being rebroadcast on channel  22.   A schedule for these shows can be found on the DY Regional Website under the heading, Channel 22.

Recorded discs for 30 shows are now available through the South Yarmouth Library and the CLams system.

This site will provide basic information about the DY schools and about innovative and successful school programs as well as relevant educational issues.

We hope these initiatives will further engage our communities with our schools. We welcome anyone who shares similar interests and concerns.

contact us by email:


Articles on the RESOURCE  page:

Wixon Middle Level Academy

Ezra Baker and the Community

Achievement in D-Y  Schools Must Not Be Ignored.

Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics, STEM

Family Resource Center

Kudos for Channel 17  Education series

DY Open House Big Success

MacArthur After  School Programs

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