Family Recourse Center

In order to address the needs of homeless children of all ages and their families across the district, DY  recently established a Family Resource Center. The center is located at Wixon Middle School on Route 134 in Dennis.

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Technology Takes the Center Stage: Interactive Whiteboards at DY

Since the fall of 2004 125 classrooms in the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District have been revolutionized by the installation of a touch-sensitive screen that works in conjunction with a computer and a projector providing interactivity for students and teachers. Some, skeptical at first, did not believe in ability of the interactive whiteboard (IWB) to redefine the delivery of classroom content. That belief did not last long as the first classroom pioneers, middle school math teachers, started using their IWB to enhance instruction. With the renovation of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School came the installation of IWBs in classrooms, computer labs, library and seminar room. Since then, IWBs have found homes in all schools in the District. There are numerous models of IWBs; Dennis-Yarmouth chose the SmartBoard™. Most of the boards have been purchased with high school renovation or grant funds.

So what does an IWB do and why is having one in their classroom the envy of teachers and a magnet to students? The following is a few of the many capabilities of the IWB in the classroom.

Recognizes the handwriting of our youngest users

Capture images and text during a lesson for review

Links directly to the Internet for view by the whole class

View classroom textbooks and math journals

Manipulates shapes during geometry lessons

Creates interactive games

Teach geography by taking virtual field trips

Visualize simulations of scientific processes

Peer editing by displaying student work

Emulates a graphing calculator

Capture portions of video content for playback later with notes

Students absent may replay lessons

When asked about the impact of having a Smartboard™ in their classroom, enthusiastic responses were received. Grade 6 teacher, Peter Cross says, “Adding a SmartBoard™ to my room brought my instruction from the Dark Ages of chalk to the daylight of the current age of technology. The students love the SmartBoard™, it is part of their techno crazy world. They love working at the board and demonstrating information and procedures.”

Sandi Nagle, 2nd Grade teacher, responded, “The possibilities are endless. The Smartboard™ has opened a portal to best practice in teaching.  Teachers can differentiate instruction, support multiple intelligences and address the needs of all learners. Without a Smartboard™, I feel that my instruction would be less explicit, interactive, and effective.”

Tracie Siege, 3rd Grade, comments, “Having a SmartBoard™ in my classroom has completely affected all aspects of my instruction!  I am able to provide supportive visual aides for every possible content area and lesson.  I have been able to incorporate so many types of multi-media components in order to bring the “real life” into the classroom. It has also been an invaluable tool for teaching MCAS prep and showing actual student examples.”

2nd Grade teacher, Cheryl Warren says, “The SmartBoard™ has changed the way I deliver instruction. I use the SmartBoard™ in every aspect of the day. The students expect it. The SmartBoard™ is an intrinsic part of our school day. The students of today need this technology to keep their minds active and learning. It gets their brain to where it needs to be in an efficient and cohesive way. With the SmartBoard™ they are completely engaged in their learning.

Kate Franklin, Grade 7 and 8, responded, “As a seasoned veteran of teaching, the SmartBoard™ has revolutionized my classroom and the way I plan my lessons. It has encouraged me to grow as a teacher. I am learning new ways to connect and communicate and can use that with the struggling learner, as well as the gifted student.”

Finally, DYH Math teacher, Jen Legge, rattles off the many uses for her board, “visual seating charts, attendance by students by tapping their name or picture, show actual Math textbook, YouTube, class PowerPoints©, share work that has been scanned, real time problems, copies of class notes made available online for students, easily switch from one screen to another for reference, save student work when groups do work from a wireless tablet, just too many.”

Two fourth graders from Marguerite E. Small School, Chris Carey and Joey Tierney, sum up having a SmartBoard™ in their classrooms, “It helps us learn better!”

Lory Stewart, Director of Instructional Technology

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What is DYSOS ?

DYSOS stands for Dennis-Yarmouth Support Our Schools

In July 2009 a group of concerned citizens began meeting to discuss how we might provide factual and positive information about our Dennis-Yarmouth schools to the residents of our two communities.

Our foremost goal is to highlight and bring attention to the many ways our schools benefit their students and our overall community. We believe it is critical for the vitality of our towns to continue the bedrock commitment to education which has always defined Dennis and Yarmouth.

Our Dennis-Yarmouth Support Our Schools (DYSOS) group includes former and current educators as well as parents of children in the DY schools. Current Board members are: John Ameer, Jim and Ruth Driscoll , Joyce Flynn,  Lois Grebe, George Higginbottom, Dick McGarr, Phil O’Leary, Pat O’Riordan, Margarita Perez, Crystal Gips, Anne Quinn, Dick Sentner, Kristin Sulivan-stone, Nancy Waldron and Phil Wick.

We sponsor an one hour “Support Our Schools” on Channel 99 (formerly ch 17) which can be viewed on Mondays at 4:00 PM, Tuesdays at 10 PM  and Thursdays at 7:00 PM. Crystal Gips, is the host. To date, more than 70 programs have aired covering a range of  DY educational topics with various administrators and teachers.

Programs have also included parents, students, civic leaders and policy makers.  We have had positive feedback about the quality and depth of these discussions.  For a current schedule of programs and a listing of past shows go to heading Channel 99 in this blog.

A number of past shows are now being rebroadcast on channel  22.   A schedule for these shows can be found on the DY Regional Website under the heading, Channel 22.

Recorded discs for 30 shows are now available through the South Yarmouth Library and the CLams system.

This site will provide basic information about the DY schools and about innovative and successful school programs as well as relevant educational issues.

We hope these initiatives will further engage our communities with our schools. We welcome anyone who shares similar interests and concerns.

contact us by email:

Articles on the RESOURCE  page:

Wixon Middle Level Academy

Ezra Baker and the Community

Achievement in D-Y  Schools Must Not Be Ignored.

Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics, STEM

Family Resource Center

Kudos for Channel 17  Education series

DY Open House Big Success

MacArthur After  School Programs

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Technical Schools

We are lucky here on the cape to have two vocational/technical schools.   Dennis and Yarmouth are both in the Cape Tech district.   This school offers 18 technical programs, including Auto Tech and Auto body, Carpentry and Culinary arts, Health Technology and Early Childhood Development.   They also offer Hotel and Restaurant experience by running their own on site restaurant.   Information Technologies , Marine services, Metal Fab and Welding, Plumbing and Heating are also offered.
These students also participate in a wide variety of academic courses that follow the State Curriculum Frameworks.   Spanish is offered as a Foreign Language.  The students take the MCAS tests like all the other high school students  in Mass.
The students on Cape Cod also have the Upper Cape Tech in Bourne.   If a student wants a course that is not offered in their own district, they have the option of attending the other Technical School if it is offered there.

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Channel 17


A new program series on CHANNEL 17

Mondays @ 4:o0 pm

Thursdays @ 7:00 pm

A new topic every two weeks.   These programs will highlight the many ways our schools benefit its studens and our community.

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Reading Comprehension

Through a creative use of a Federal Stimulus grant, DY Regional School District has contracted with “The Keys to Literacy” to train all teachers in an integrated program in reading. The program focuses on Reading Comprehension, teaching children a method of learning that will carry them through their school careers.

The focus on comprehension is composed of three major elements: 1) learning to identify the basic ideas in a composition, 2 ) taking notes, and  3) developing summaries.

Dennis Yarmouth teachers in grades 4-6 were trained in  “dates ?” in this process. Teachers are expressing excitement in using the new learning approach.  In January teachers in grades 7-8 will also begin their training.  An advantage of this program is that all teachers use the same strategies and students build on them throughout their school career.  In the past, as frequently happens, each school or even each teacher,  had different  methods of teaching. Now as students move through the elementary and middle school levels, they will begin High School with well founded skills in reading comprehension.

There is also an economic advantage to this program. Included in the training program is a train the trainer element.  Future training will then be conducted by in-house trainers drawn from the ranks of the Regional teachers.

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You can make a difference !

Serve as an assistant in the classroom working with the teacher, working on committees to improve public knowledge of schools needs, fund raising and volunteering for school affairs. Elders Services in Dennis can make this possible. The Three R’s program sponsored by the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands is presently enrolling members in its tutorial program.  Tutors/Coaches volunteer for one or two or in small groups.  Training is given and volunteers are placed close to their home.

Contact Ann Gallagher  on 508-394-4630, ext 521 or e mail her @

Tell her what type of volunteer work you are interested in and she will connect you with the schools to get going.

The rewards of being part of a youngster’s success are great and long lasting.

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